Business Case and ROI

TEAMS gives you unique capabilities that enable you to deliver higher quality of service (QoS) at a lower cost of Service  (CoS). The benefits of TEAMS solutions are many, and this demonstrations touches upon a few of them:

    • Enhanced response times over man-in-the-loop processes. Enables proactive “sense-and-respond” type service delivery models.
    • Reduced dependence on Experts to analyze Machine data. Removes subjectivity and variability from the service process.
    • Improved scalability. Reasoner can scale up to thousands of remote machines.
    • Enhanced Diagnostics. Combination of error codes can help pinpoint the root cause, while absence of error codes can be utilized to reduce and/or eliminate suspects. For modern complex systems, it is impossible for human beings to consider all combinations of error codes to perform diagnostics, but the reasoner can scale to thousands of error codes and faults.
    • Reduced Diagnostic Parts usage. Without the ability to effectively utilize error code data, service agents attempt to fix the problem by swapping parts, resulting in using multiple parts per service call. This increases parts cost and inventory cost. The reasoner can often pin-point the problem to a single component, eliminating need for unnecessary parts usage.
    • Reduce troubleshooting time. Service organizations try to make training and knowledge available to service agents so that they may apply the knowledge effectively to identify the problem. However, not every service agent is equally smart! This leads to large variability in service performance, resulting in long troubleshooting times and escalations. With the TEAMS solution, the reasoner generates the optimized troubleshooting decision tree, and every service agent troubleshoots like an expert, reducing the troubleshooting times and eliminating the need for escalation.

How do you establish the business case for TEAMS solution? Consider the following sample savings:

  • Diagnostic Part Usage reduction– 50%
  • Parts Inventory reduction– 20%
  • Truck Roll reduction – 15%
  • First Contact resolution improved – 30%
  • First Time Fix Rate improved – 30%
  • Service Escalations reduced – 50%

What would this be worth to you? please feel free to contact us  to help you evaluate your ROI.